Wave Form Systems Partners with
The ExecRanks to Find a Critical Hire

Company Info
Client: Wave Form Systems

COO: Ezra Eckhardt

Founded: 1999

Location: Tualatin, OR

Industries: Healthcare, Medical Equipment & Devices

About Wave Form Systems
Wave Form Systems, Incorporated provides health care equipment. The company offers surgical laser technologies, equipment rental, and technical services, as well as provides urology for cancer patients.


The executive search process can be complex and somewhat of a ‘numbers’ game. For Ezra Eckhardt, chief operating officer at Wave Form Systems, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Wave Form Systems sells highly specialized, mobile laser medical equipment for urological applications. Eckhardt was tasked with finding a national sales manager that had both specialized medical and clinical knowledge, plus high performing sales and leadership skills.

Eckhardt originally started pursuing candidates by enlisting both a national executive recruiting firm and two different boutique executive search companies. When those efforts failed to produce a suitable match, Eckhardt turned to The ExecRanks to help him find what appeared to be an impossible hire.


The advantages offered by The ExecRanks were clear to Eckhardt. Not only does The ExecRanks offer executive search services at a fraction of the cost of other placement agencies, they also provide a personal touch that is crucial for successful matches. Furthermore, The ExecRanks’ dynamic platform is unique with patent-pending algorithms for executive candidate matching that pulls directly from its network of thousands of executive-level candidates.

Scott DeZotell, director of executive recruiting at The ExecRanks, worked closely with Eckhardt to source candidates that matched their criteria and presented several candidates including Larry Lazo, who was not actively looking for new job opportunities at the time. During the initial interview screenings, Eckhardt determined Larry was the right candidate to move forward.

“It was a methodical process on our side because the role was so specialized and a key hire for our company,” said Eckhardt. “Without a doubt, this successful placement is a direct attribution of The ExecRanks expansive network of impressive executives as well as the personal ‘detective work’ that occurred behind the scenes. The ExecRanks made it possible for us to fill a critical leadership position with deep expertise for our niche market … I will not hesitate to use The ExecRanks again or to refer them to my colleagues.”

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