November 06, 2018

Service Called. Your Brand is Due for an Update.

Dennis Holland

Dennis Holland
Founder, CEO, & CMO/ResoundInc, LLC

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What do you get when you mix the acceleration of consumer power with daily technology advancements and a magnitude of order change in the role science plays in marketing? You might get anything between a gentle nudge and a rude awakening if your Check Brand light comes on.

Pop the hood and let’s take a look. Whoa, haven’t seen one of these in years! You must have a LOT of questions. Is your brand relevant? Do your consumers trust your brand? Does it stir the passion in your employees? Is it both a driver of and contributor to your business objectives? How do you manage something this complex?

Too many books have been written on this subject already, so I’ll take a pass on the full blog this week and draw you a picture instead. OK, so I felt creative today. Note: Once I finished my graphic, I noticed it resembled an overhead view of the soapbox derby cars my son and I used to make. Hence, the car theme of this post . . . and the reason my son never won a soapbox derby.

Anyway, I’m hoping the Infographic below, 7 STEPS TO TRANSFORMING YOUR BRAND, provides a meaningful starting point for any Brand Transformation initiative you are either ready or compelled to begin.


While it may seem as though I tried to put an entire book into a graphic, it’s now time to tell you that these are only the “first” seven steps involved in transforming your brand. Following these 7 STEPS come those involved in implementing, embedding, governing, measuring, and continually improving your new brand. But that will be the subject of a future blog. As for now . . . you’ve got to start the ignition before you step on the gas.

So—ladies and gentlemen—start your engines.

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