November 12, 2018

Lead, Motivate, Inspire

Leda Csanka Chief Information Officer, Strategy Consultant, Author, Speaker, Certified Professional/Executive Coach/Strategic Tech Consulting, Leda Csanka - Transformative Coaching

Have you heard that old piece of advice: "Hire the right people and get out of their way"? My guess is that advice is coming from people who ha..

November 06, 2018

Three Steps to Create a 21st-Century Work Culture

Faisal Hoque Founder and Managing Partner at Shadoka. Author, “Everything Connects”, “Survive To Thrive”./

Here’s how to drive independent thinking, collaboration, and innovation within your organization.   There was a time when it was perfec..

October 23, 2018

The Convergence of Opioid-Related Deaths and Economic Deve..

Christie Jones Lawrence, MS President & Chief Consultant / Area Representative / Lecturer/Surge Advisors , LLC & Mississippi Business Group on Health

STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI, August 28, 2018 -  At the "Mississippi Governor’s Health Care Economic Development Summit" in Jackson, Mississip..

October 08, 2018

Managing UP...

Bret Nicks, MD, MHA CMO, WFBH Davie Medical Center; Professor, Emergency Medicine/Wake Forest Baptist Health

One of the greatest challenges of any Emergency Department, although this applies to any business organization, is maintaining the quality..