Spend An Afternoon Meeting Potential Advisors For Your Company
Spend an afternoon interviewing senior executives and VCs interested in being an advisor for your company, all for free. We’ll match you with 4-6 executives based on your goals (Growth, Funding, Partnerships, Introductions, etc.) and handle all the scheduling. Simply dial in and conduct the phone interviews.

How It Works


"Advisor Day is the most efficient half day a CEO can spend connecting with potential advisors."


Interview 4-6 top advisor candidates back-to-back in 30-minute intervals, all scheduled by The ExecRanks over a four-hour window from the comfort of your own office.


Based on your 2018 goals (Growth, Funding, Getting Acquired, Partnerships, etc.), we'll match you with 4-6 executives best suited for your company and handle all the scheduling, you simply call in to conduct the phone interviews.


There is no cost for participating, however space is limited, so please register ASAP and select the date that works best for you before all the spots are filled.

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